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Pests in your home can soon become a nightmare, with what starts off as a couple quickly increases in numbers and those countless amounts DIY products purchased at the supermarket seem to do less and less. For peace of mind and a cost-effective, long term solution, it’s always best to seek out a local Perth Exterminator for your needs.

All U Need are a fully licenced pest control company in Perth who can manage everything from a mouse in the house to cleaning out a termite infested property and eliminating the nearby colony. When you next have a pest problem, remember that we are All U Need to get the job done right the first time around.

Why All U Need Pest Control Perth?

More and more people are turning to All U Need for their pest control solutions and they keep on coming back because we:

  • Offer the most competitive pricing across all areas of pest control
  • Are a 100% West Australian owned and operated family business
  • Established in the early 90’s
  • Were awarded the “Local Chambers of Commerce and Industry Barter Card Gold Award for Excellence”
  • Have over 7000 satisfied customers
  • Carry out all work with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail
  • Employ only fully trained and qualified pest control technicians
  • Use only the highest quality equipment and materials
  • Guaranteed all work and if there are ever any issues we come and fix it at no cost to you

Termite Control Perth

There is good reason to invest in a termite barrier for you home, even if your home is not currently playing host to these highly destructive pests.

Based upon industry and CSIRO studies, one in three homes will be attacked and/or damaged by termites during the economic life of the home. The damage can be severe as termites are capable of destroying wall, floor and roof timbers within a few months. The risk usually increases with the age and location of the property. However, there have been cases of new homes being severely damaged shortly after construction. Furthermore, as the bill from termite damage runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year insurance companies will not insure against termite damage. It is therefore vitally important that you protect what in most cases is your most valuable asset ie your home against termite attack and to safe guard the health and wellbeing of your family against disease carrying rats and cockroaches, venomous spiders and other general pests.




Why a Termite Inspection is Crucial

An attack on the home is usually initiated from a nest in the ground, the nest can be up to 100 meters from the home. The termites build galleries over piers or walls to attack the structure from below. Usually the nest is outside the building perimeter but occasionally a nest may be buried beneath the building. Brick and concrete construction is of itself no protection against termites which may exploit fine cracks in mortar or slabs to gain access to timber within the building. Termites inside the building must maintain contact with the soil and with the nest.

The reason so much damage is caused by termites is that they usually gain entry to the timber without being seen and eat the timber from the inside out. By the time obvious signs appear of termite infestation considerable damage may have occurred as the termites have probably been present for some time. It is therefore important to be aware of the termite hazard and potential damage they can cause by investing in a thorough termite inspection, especially in Perth where there is a real risk of termite activity.

Expert Pest Control Services Perth

All-U-Need PEST Control Perth Offers the Following Expert Services

  • Treat termite infestation of homes and businesses.
  • Preventative treatment for homes and businesses against termite attack.
  • Pad and slab treatments.
  • Termite inspection reports.
  • General pest treatments.
ALLUNEED Pest Control

The Chemical Termite Barrier

One of the most effective and commonly used weapons against termite attack is the chemical termite barrier. The benefits of a chemical barrier, unlike non-chemical treatments, is that they can provider a fully joined and complete barrier around your home.

Whilst repellents are available, All U Need Pest Control Perth will always recommend treatments that employ the transfer effect where termites (often referred to as white ants) are able to pass through the barrier, infecting them with the chemical which eats away at their exoskeleton. The treatment isn’t an instant kill, it takes time allowing termites to pass the treatment onto one another on contact, allowing the treatment to spread throughout the colony eventually reaching the Queen and causing the whole colony to collapse.

A chemical termite barrier is applied as follows:

  • The barrier is created by injecting a termiticide around the perimeter of the home or building at approximately 30cm intervals.
  • Concrete areas are drilled about 10cm from the cavity wall.
  • Brick and paved areas are also drilled but mainly through the joins.
  • The holes are then injected with termiticide and plugged.
  • Garden beds and sandy areas against cavity walls are trenched and treated with termiticide.
  • Fences, garden sheds, pergolas, patios, window frames, door frames, down pipes, under eaves, letter boxes, rubbish bins, barbecue areas etc are all thoroughly treated.
  • Wooden sub floor areas are treated if accessible.
  • The inside of the home ie skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, vanity areas, linen and built in cupboards. Will be inspected and treated.
  • Carpeted areas in the home will be treated for general pests.
  • Roof voids where accessible will be inspected for termites and treated for general pests upon request.
  • A termite report is issued on request upon completion of the treatment.
  • All chemical termite barrier treatments include a free full general pest treatment.
  • The chemical termite barrier treatment is guaranteed for 5 years provided the yearly maintenance program is followed.

All Work Guaranteed

Full General Pest Treatment

Whilst you have All U Need Pest Control over, it’s extremely cost effective to get us to treat your home for a whole range of pests and keep your home protected from more pests for longer.

We treat for all general pests including, Spiders, ants, Bees, Wasps, Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, Fleas and Silverfish.

A typical general pest treatment includes the following:

Exterior general pest treatment including:

  • Treat fences, garden sheds, pergolas, patios, window frames, door frames, down pipes, under eaves, letter boxes, rubbish bins, barbecue areas etc.
  • Spray the perimeter of the home using a special insecticide.

Interior general pest treatment including:

  • Bait roof void for Rats and Mice.
  • Dust roof void for spiders, ants, silverfish, etc.
  • Place a special cockroach gel under bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Treat behind fridges, ovens etc.
  • Treat all skirting boards and carpeted areas using a special residual pesticide.

We respect your home and your family. Our treatments and methods are completely safe towards children and pets so you can rest at ease that solving one problem isn’t just going to create another.

Pest Control Expert

The Yearly Pest Maintenance Program

Prevention is always a better option than finding a cure and pest control is no different. To ensure you have a clean and pest free home, we recommend a yearly pest maintenance program covers you for all of the general pests such as ants, rodents, spiders and cockroaches.

Given the destructive nature of termites and the speed and severity in which they can infest and damage a home or property it is very important that regular inspections and where required booster treatments be maintained. This is why we have introduced a yearly maintenance program linked to the full termite barrier treatment. Under this program a qualified technician will:

Perform a professional interior termite inspection to all accessible areas including:

  • Sub floor and foundation areas.
  • Internal living areas and fittings.
  • Internal timbers abutting concrete areas.
  • Ceiling and roof void.

Perform a professional exterior inspection including:

  • All structures within the immediate residential area, e.g. shed, garage.
  • Fences and other timber structures, e.g. pergolas, shade houses, etc.
  • Trees, shrubs etc for termite activity or nests.

If any termite activity is found it will be thoroughly treated.

Perform a complete general pest treatment free of charge.

Commercial Pest Control Perth

With over 20 years experience All-U-Need Pest Control offers the following expert commercial services:

  1. Commercial Pest Control Programs
    • We tailor these programs to suit the specific requirements of your business or commercial enterprise. We also provide the necessary compliance documentation required by Councils and Government Authorities.
  2. One Off Pest Treatments
    • We treat for most common pests including:
      Cockroaches, Rats and Mice, Ants, Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Fleas and Silverfish.
  3. Termite Treatment
    • We treat for all kinds of termite infestation to your business premises or commercial enterprise.
    • We also provide preventative termite treatments to minimise the likelihood of termites targeting your property.
    • Our Focus is on quick effective solutions with minimum disruptions to you, your business or commercial enterprise.
Pest Control Maintenance Treatment

What You Get With All-U-Need Pest Control:

At All U Need Pest Control, we aim to prove that a highly competitive price point doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on time, service and care.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, All U Need pest control will always guarantee that you will receive

    • On site obligation free inspection and quote.
    • The highest quality products and materials.
    • Courteous professional technicians with many years experience.
    • The required documentation to comply with Council and or Government Authority regulations.
    • All work is guaranteed.

All Work Guaranteed

Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth

At All-U-Need pest Control Perth we perform pre purchase termite inspections. We inspect, the interior of the building, the roof void, the sub floor, the exterior of the building, garden beds, sheds and fences.
The outcome of the inspection will be detailed in a report and forwarded to the purchaser and or the settlement agent.
Call All-U-Need Pest Control today for an obligation free quote.

Pre Construction Termite Treatments Perth

New homes, buildings and extensions require termite treatment barriers and pad sprays to be applied during the construction process.
Our Treatments comply with Council regulations and Australian standards.
Call All-U-Need Pest Control today for an obligation free quote.

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We had our house sprayed last week. We would just like to say what an excellent job was done. The technician’s manners were great he also had a great attitude and nothing was too much for him to attend to.
I and B Russell, Wundowie
I am just writing to thank you for an excellent job. The technician was courteous and efficient and got rid of those nasty little termites eating away at my house. Once again thanks for a job well done
C Palatzo, Canning Vale
This has been the week when the annual check up for pest control became due at our suburban home. We were impressed with your technician’s thorough approach to his work. He was efficient and generous with his time. As well as his pleasant manner, he was free with information in response to questions we had. We would be pleased if he could service our home again as our preferred technician.
B&A Haines, Duncraig

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