Dangerous Spiders in Australia

Australia is well known for having being home to some of the fatal creatures on the planet. However, if australia is renowned for one particular group ,it is our spiders.

SPIDERS stimulate fear and even provoke phobias for some. Tourists are afraid strolling in the seas because of the eight-legged creature.

Myths have been floating around for a long time about the venomous spiders killing humans, I think it’s only natural that you should want to know more about the venomous Australian spiders before visiting the Australian Outback.

Australia’s spiders come in a startling variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Some species make distinctive webs and many make silken retreats for protection or for their egg sacs and some even dig holes.

Spiders (class Arachnida) are eight-legged creatures belonging to a group (phylum) called Arthropoda.

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